the network

reaching out for a violence free society

24-Hour Hotline

All Languages Are Supported


the network

reaching out for a violence free society

24-Hour Hotline

All Languages Are Supported

Our Story


Board Members from front to back and left to right:

Maureen Sampl, President; Karen Foley O’Connor, The Network CEO; Kate Galle, Secretary

Adrian Gould, Treasurer; Patti Patton; Jaime Macsata; Eileen Hargreaves; Donna Jones-Searle, Vice President; Mary Tiroletto; Jeff Beiler 

Missing from photo:

Jeannie Newman and Georgia Powell

Emeritus Board Member
Jack Clarkin

The demand for agency services has grown each year.   In 2023 The Network provided services to 9,840 individuals including: an emergency shelter, counseling, support programs, court-based victim advocacy, rapid re-housing program, and domestic violence awareness and prevention education in our schools and the community.

The Network Against Domestic Abuse, Inc. is a program member of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence along with 17 other agencies in CT.  All services are available without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, physical ability, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

All services continue to be free of charge. 


Summer 1985

In the summer, both community members and social service providers met to discuss the need for a local agency dedicated to serving adult victims of domestic abuse and their children. The group conducted a survey of local and statewide service providers in order to gather statistics, survey the problem, and generate solutions. After analyzing the results, the group decided to open an agency to address the issues incorporated under the name Battered Spouses Network. 


In an effort to clearly define its objective, the agency changed its name to the Network Against Domestic Abuse, Inc. of North Central Connecticut. It defined its catchment towns as East Windsor, Enfield, Somers, Stafford, Suffield, and Windsor Locks. The Network’s mission is to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and to assist adult victims and their children to live free of violence.


In the spring, the agency received a $20,000 start up grant. Using these funds, the board hired an executive director in May and a counselor advocate in June. With a group of trained volunteers, the hotline opened in July. By the fall, the agency was also offering community support groups and court advocacy services. Emergency shelter was provided through a series of safe homes


Emergency shelter was provided through a series of safe homes. The agency received a $333,000 grant from the State of Connecticut to open a shelter for women and their children seeking refuge from their abusive homes.


The safe house, named the Tracey Thurman House, opened. Several counselors and a child advocate were hired to staff the shelter. Since then, the agency has continued to offer an emergency safe house, a 24 hour hotline, child advocacy, community outreach, support groups, information and referral, court advocacy, and community youth education.


The Network received an $188,000 grant from the Town of Enfield to construct a new building adjacent to the Tracey Thurman House for children’s programs. The Children’s Center is used to provide services to children while they are in the safe house


The safe house was renamed in memory of a dedicated board member Julie Fallon. It is now called
Julie’s Safe House.